Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crochet Tapestry - Djibouti Flag

Crochet Tapestry - Djibouti Flag

Created by Teresa Richardson

4-Ply Yarn

Click in the image and print it out

Color can easily be substituted in any chart.

Squares: Each square represents a single crochet. You can work the pattern vertical or horizontal. Click on the pattern and print it out. I have found that the rows work a little compressed at times with single crochet so you can try using half double crochet if you want to. It usually depends on the pattern.

Marking off Rows: I use a document protector and grease pencil to mark off the rows as I make them. This is so my chart is not permanently marked if I need it for future reference.

The gauge is for a size H crochet hook. This is just an estimate. You results may be different.
Gauge 4" x 4" = 16 Rows, 12 Stitches