Saturday, January 17, 2009

Barack Obama Crochet - Painting with Yarn

I am very proud of this piece and struggled to get it done. As with any of my projects, I am very critical when I am right in the middle of them. That is because I am seeing things that no one else will ever see. The biggest compliment for me, was when my husband suggested that I get it framed.

The pattern was designed with crochet software for making filet crochet. It was created following the horizontal chart, which made my work to squashed. From now on I will follow the vertical chart. The finished size is 22" long by 20" wide.

I wanted to make it in color, with as few colors as possible but still retain recognition of who is in my piece. 6 colors were the magic number. As I progressed, I realized my light color was to light, bold and popped to much. My medium browns were to close together so they did not have the pop between colors that I was looking for. My solution was to cross stitch over 2 of the parts that needed help, adding some color blending. I took my 4-ply yarn and pulled it apart to get 2-ply yarn for cross stitching. I toned down my light color with some brown and added a 7th color(eggshell) to give my medium brown more definition. It worked!!!!
Halfway through the project, I considered throwing it away and starting over. Now I am glad that I did not throw away my first ever, detailed yarn painting.

Before images, in the process of cross stitching.

I do consider my piece a tapestry or any piece crocheted in this way a tapestry. I know there are people who disagree and that is alright. The definition of tapestry is "picture woven by hand." Other than that there is no formal name that I have ever heard for this type of crochet.